Pinstripe Bowl adding revenue for local businesses

Customers purchase shirts at Manny's in Syracuse

The SU football team was rewarded for their above average regular season by getting a Pinstripe Bowl bid this season, which is rewarding Syracuse businesses as well.

With the team now in New York City, several SU fans are planning on making the drive down for the game on Saturday. But first, Manny's on Marshall Street in Syracuse says fans are stopping there for last minute SU gear.

"People have been coming in and buying a bunch of stuff," Anna Prusinowski, a sales associate as Manny's, says. "Saying, 'Oh we're going to the game this weekend, or we're going to the game tomorrow, we've got to get all this stuff,' so we're very excited to be selling it all to everyone."

For the fans not making the trip down, local bars will see more people looking for a place to watch the game. Because it is a slow time of year, having an extra game, (unlike last season when the Orange failed to qualify for a bowl), is a plus for those businesses.

"People are really excited about this game, and until basketball starts with the Big East schedule, this is the big SU event," Jim Nichols, a co-owner of Sharkey's Sports Bar and Restaurant, says.

For a place like Manny's, a bowl game is another opportunity to make a commemorative t-shirt, something fans look for.

"We make the shirts because a lot of people want something that's specified for the Pinstripe Bowl, and something for the year 2012 for Syracuse," Prusinowski says.

With bars like Sharkey's and stores like Manny's cashing in, fans will not have to go too far away to feel like they are at the game in New York City.