Pit Boss Shorty Rossi visits CNYCentral

Pit Boss Shorty Rossi & Hercules visited our studios for Weekend Today in Central NY

Shorty Rossi (Luigi Francis, to be proper) is an ex con who's gotten a huge following as an advocate for pit bulls, which he calls the most misunderstood breed in the world.

Rossi -- and his service dog Hercules-- are in Syracuse to crusade for the dogs. Saturday morning, on Weekend Today in Central New York, he told us they're 'America's dog'--that at least twice in our history they were even presidential pets, with a White House address. Now, Shorty runs a talent agency for fellow 'Little People' and spends a lot of time talking against animal abuse and for the pit bull breed.

While in Syracuse, the Animal Planet star visited with Princess, the pit bull who was found, starved, last year--and who will be adopted out once her owner's legal issues are resolved. He's also met with the Cuse Pit Crew (check the story--we profiled this new group last weekend) and on Saturday afternoon is doing a pet food pantry fundraiser at Eastwood's Palace Theater, 1-6pm---the event will benefit a food program for needy dog owners, and is coordinated by Dog Daze whose owner, Dave Sturgis, has been showing Shorty around our community.