Pit bull-boxer mix found 25 pounds underweight, surrounded by urine and feces

"Coco" at the SPCA Friday morning.

Animal Cruelty investigators rescued a five-year old pit bull boxer mix, named Coco, from the attic of a Syracuse apartment building earlier this week.

Coco was found Tuesday by the building's owner.

SPCA executive director Paul Morgan says the floor of the attic was saturated with feces and urine.

Morgan says Coco should weigh 60 to 65 pounds, but right now she weighs less than 40 pounds. Right now, her ribs are pushing through her skin.

"It's important her food intake is gradual, feed her four times a day, a half a cup at a time mixed with a little canned food," said SPCA veterinary assistant Taylor Gilkey.

SPCA veterinary staff are feeding Coco four regular meals a day, trying to slowly help her become accustomed to regular eating so that she can gain weight.

"She's a very sweet dog. after everything she's been through, she's wonderful, still loves people, loves her toys," said Gilkey.

Coco's owner, Melanie Freeman from 2426 East Genesee Street, was charged with three animal cruelty misdemeanors, including improper confinement of an animal, failure to provide proper sustenance for an animal, and failure to provide medical care for an animal.

Freeman is scheduled to be arraigned on October 29 in Syracuse City Court.

Morgan said the care for animals like Coco is very expensive, and the privately run SPCA is in need of donations.

"We have small municipality contracts that do bring in some revenue but 95 to 98% of the money that comes into this organization, that supports everything, comes from the public," said Morgan.