Pit bull shot, killed after attacking deputy and child in Clay

When two, roaming, pit bulls threatened Jessica Chace's four year-old son and refused to leave her yard on Spicebush Trail in Clay, she called police.

Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Poland arrived at her house and Chace says he spent more than a half hour trying to find an animal control officer to take the dogs.

"He came to the door and said I've tried to call four animal control places and nobody's working today - and I tried calling the SPCA but they don't have a contract with the Town of Clay so they won't come out either," said Chace.

Chace says Deputy Poland was headed back to his car to call more animal control services when one of the pit bulls attacked him.

"The dog came around my car and the police officer put his hands up, like I'm not going to hurt you. Just letting the dog know he wasn't a threat and the dog just kept barking at him and then just bit him," said Chace.

Chace says Deputy Poland tried to kick the dog away and only shot and killed the dog as a last resort. The other pit bull ran away. Poland received medical treatment for a bite on his leg. Chace said she doesn't understand why an animal control officer couldn't take the dogs. She also praised Poland for saving her son and the rest of the neighborhood from an attack.

"It could have been my son. If it is wasn't so hot today, kids would have been everywhere. Someone else would have gotten hurt," said Chase.

Police are hoping to find the owner of the two dogs so they can see their immunization records. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department at (315) 425 2111. Both dogs were brown pit bulls. One was wearing a black collar.

The dog that was killed was given to the Onondaga County Health Department for rabies testing. That's expected to happen on Thursday, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Deputies are trying to find the owner of the two dogs so they can get the shots records for the animals.

One of the dogs was wearing a black collar.

Anyone with information should call the Sheriff's Department at 315-425-2111.