Pitbull takes over grandstand in front of thousands

Pitbull live at the NYS Fair

Thousands of screaming fans were dancing right along with Pitbull's music. His concert Saturday night took over the Grandstand at the New York State Fair. The concert is the highlight of the entire day to many people at the fair.

A lot of the fans say this is the first time a singer with his Latin style has come to the fairgrounds. Fans could hear him singing some of his hit songs such as "Hey Baby," "International Love" and "Shut It Down." Regardless of which songs he's singing, many fans lined up early to get their chance to see Pitbull up close and in person.

Iris Hernandez came to see him from her home in Oswego. "Well one is he's a Latin singer and he doesn't come up this far north ever, so this is a big deal," says Hernandez.

Lisa Glowacki won tickets to see Pitbull before the show. "He's mister worldwide and the energy in his music and collaborations are amazing and I love to dance so every time we have a party at the house, his music is always bumping," says Glowacki.

Linda Guido came to the fairgrounds from her home in Syracuse. "I take salsa lessons and he's from Cuba and I think he's adorable. We've been taking salsa lessons for four years so that's why we came to the concert to see him, because he does a lot of salsa," says Guido.

Early estimates by officials are that around five or six thousand people came to the Pitbull concert. No matter what the exact number is everyone who was screaming and dancing sure had a great time watching Pitbull live at the fair.