Plainville restaurant offering refunds on gift cards

Since the popular Cicero resturant Plainville's Nature's Fare closed its doors for good last week, CNY Central has been getting a lot calls and emails from customers wondering what to do with unused gift cards.

The company released a brief statement Tuesday morning telling customers where they can send their cards and certificates for a refund.

You can mail your unused or partially used gift cards to:

Plainville's Nature's FareP.O. Box 240Memphis, NY 13112-0240

We are told that you will receive your refund in the form of a check.

Previous coverage:

It's normally dinner time at Plainville Nature's Fare restaurant, but the building is closed, and the parking lot has a steady stream of customers just finding out. "My family comes here from out of town and it's usually pretty busy," says customer Stacy Cates.

In three years, almost 30 people became sick with Salmonella after eating at Plainville Restaurant, two of those in the last week. The owner tried cleaning, even buying new equipment, but the fresh turkeys served at Plainville carried the bacteria. Onondaga County's Health Commissioner says every effort was made to fix the problem. "It wasn't just cleaning up. It wasn't just making sure all the equipment was correct. It was making sure people knew what they needed to do. They really went above and beyond," says Dr. Cynthia Morrow.

The cost became too much and the owner closed for good after Monday night's dinner, leaving 35 people out of work and a building to go up for sale. Customer G.J. Mannix says, "That's really unfortunate in this day and age. They could've figured a different way out."

Original Story:

A local landmark has closed its doors after losing a battle with the economy| and salmonella.

The Plainville TMs Nature TMs Fare restaurant on Route 11 in Cicero has confirmed with that it will not be reopening after nearly 30 cases of salmonella had been reported in connection with the restaurant over the past three years. In 2008, 20 cases of salmonella were reported at the restaurant, which served 250,000 meals a year, mostly involving turkey and other poultry products. That number dropped to seven cases in 2009 and two so far this year.

We TMre told that the business had taken many steps to increase quality control but could not eliminate all instances of salmonella. This, combined with the continued economic downturn, led the restaurant TMs ownership to decide to close the facility. Plainville served its last meals Monday night and informed its 35 employees of the closure Tuesday morning.

Owner Mark Bitz declined an on-camera interview with CNYcentral, saying that it was a tough day for the restaurant TMs management and employees. The owners say they will try to sell the building and surrounding real estate.

A statement on the restaurant's website simply reads: "Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, Plainville Nature's Fare will be permanently closed, effective today, February 2, 2010. We sincerely appreciate all of the support from our customers and patrons for the last thirty-five years and wish you all the best."