Plan to make Syracuse more bicycle friendly

John Allen rode his bike to work for years, and says riding a bike in Syracuse can be a challenge.

"Getting through downtown is a major problem. There just aren't roads you would feel safe on," he says.

That could soon change. The city is working on a plan to make the city more bicycle-friendly. The master bike plan calls for creating new bike lanes and making existing ones safer. Preliminary details of the plan were unveiled Wednesday morning at a public hearing downtown.

Don Hughes of Bike CNY says many of the city TMs nearly ten miles of bike lanes are not connected, and that makes it difficult to bike around the city.

"I think what Syracuse really needs is to have a network so you can get from the university all the way downtown," he says.

Syracuse's Transportation Planner, Paul Mercurio, is heading up the city's efforts to make its streets more biker friendly. Mercurio says bike lanes offer a low-cost solution to congested city streets.

"Some of these bike lane changes are easy to implement. They just involve striping. They don TMt have to involve large infrastructure changes," he says.

Mercurio says not only does the city plan to create more bike lanes, including a two lane path near the university, it also has plans to make existing bike lane safer.

Cyclists like Allen like what they see.

"They've really done a great job coming up with the beginnings of a plan. Things may end up being good for cyclists in Syracuse in a few years," he says.Do you bicycle to work? How easy (or difficult) is your trip? How safe do you feel? Leave us a comment and let us know about your experiences.

The city plans to hold another public hearing on the proposed bike plan on August 3rd.