Plans to dissolve Seneca Falls begin

The Village of Seneca Falls may look the same, but soon things will be very different. This historic village will soon be no more.

Connie Sowards is the Village Administrator. She said, "It's overwhelming both for staff and village residents who are running the whole gamut of emotions."

The town says village residents will save 48% on their taxes.

Peter Same, Seneca Falls Town Supervisor, says "I'm sure that will be the pressure placed upon us to deliver. It really is a function of how we budget."

The town says it will keep many of the village employees but will eliminate some jobs. The town supervisor wants to keep the village police force just for the village residents, but they would have to pay more for that service. Same says there is a lot of work to do in the next 21 months to make the town and village one. "Our town board is going to have to look to say how can we provide services keep tax rates as low as possilbe and still plan for the future."

Village officials say they'll be paying close attention to the numbers to make sure the sacrifice pays off.

Sowards said, "If we don't realize the savings, I would hope to see some new faces on the town board."

Regardless what happens to the village, they insist they'll hold onto the past. "Nobody can take the history of the Womens' Rights Movement out of Seneca Falls," said Sowards.

Meantime the town says it's looking to the future. "Shrinking government, one place, one board to go to with concerns versus more is probably better," said Same.

Village officials still have to count absentee ballots, but say there is almost no chance of the decision being overturned. The village will officially dissolve on January 1, 2012.