'Plus size' Barbie sparks debate over body image

Many young girls grow up playing with Barbie dolls. Some have argued that the dolls' figures are unrealistic. So should Mattel, which makes Barbie dolls, create a plus-size Barbie?

The question was recently posed on Facebook by According to the Huffington Post, the image actually comes from an illustration contest on, a site where artists compete in creative competitions.

But the depiction of Barbie with a double-chin and curvier shape is sparking a big debate. Many take issue with the doll's shape and size.

"No one is naturally fat for gods sake, that's sending the message to girls that it's ok to look like this and be unhealthy," one woman said online. "How about we stop obsessing about being overweight and teach our children to eat healthy and get out and play..."

"Agreed!! maybe if children (and adults for that matter!!) spent less time INSIDE, obsessing about what size BARBIE is?? (I mean, really?!)," another said. "And spent more time outside exercising, the discussion of "Overweight Barbie" wouldn't even have to exist!!"

"Some families have big bones which means your bones are not average size, I actually think plus size barbie would be a good idea its a lot better then the anorexic barbie we got now," another said.

"I think the problem here is that people want to generalize," another wrote, "They're ignoring the fact that there are plenty of variables while ignoring the bigger issue here: Why make a plus-sized Barbie? Who is the target audience? What is the goal? That's what we should be discussing.

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