Polar Plunge raises $100,000 for New York Special Olympics


or many people jumping into the icy waters, it was hard to ignore the cold.

Dan Quenneville was out alongside hundreds of others racing into Oneida Lake in Brewerton. "H

onestly it starts out as excitement


and then all of a sudden it's shock, it's shock to the system

," says Quenneville.

This run into the chilly waters was to benefit Special Olympians in New York like John Renzi from Syracuse.

"I just love it to see how people with different needs and disabilities to see if they have a good time at practice," says Renzi.

He plays goalie on a floor hockey team during the Winter Special Olympics in New York State. Fundraising efforts like this polar plunge keep John's dream alive of winning another gold medal in a sport which he's pretty good in.

"It makes me more stronger every practice, than usual," says Renzi. "We won the division too last year."

Instead of going into the frigid waters with everyone else John chose to lead the way by providing the music for the first run into the lake. After seeing hundreds of people raise more than $100,000 so he can play the sport he loves for free, John says everyone should jump into the water again next year.