Police amping up DWI patrols this weekend

With the unofficial last weekend of summer upon Central New York, police are amping up their effort to crack down on DWI.

State police say that Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest when it comes to people both having get togethers and being on the roads, so they are increasing their patrols in line with their STOP-DWI crackdown, which has been going on since August 17th.

"We're preparing not only for the State Fair activity, but also a high volume with people having the last, kind of the end of summer's parties and get togethers," State Trooper Jack Keller says.

Because of the New York State Fair and Labor Day weekend falling on the same weekend, police have heightened their awareness of drivers on the road, especially here in Central New York. Police even say they see more traffic this weekend than times like Thanksgiving or Christmas throughout the year.

"I think it's a little bit more higher volume than we see at maybe Thanksgiving or other holidays, simply because it's the end of the summer," Keller says.