Police arrest two people, search for two others involved in organized crime ring

David L. Stevens

Two men were arrested in early October for their role in several retail thefts in DeWitt. DeWitt Police say 41-year-old David L. Stevens and 29-year-old Steven D. Gates were two of a number of suspects who took part in an organized crime group that stole merchandise from several stores over the past few months.

Police say the suspects would then exchange the stolen goods for gift cards at other store locations. These gift cards would then be sold to pawn shops for a profit. The investigation shows the suspects stole over $10,000 worth of merchandise.

The arrest came with help from members of the Greater DeWitt Retail Theft Coalition, which was established by the DeWitt Police Department in 2010. The coalition is made up of almost 200 members from various retail communities, along with law enforcement and members of the District Attorneyâ??s office.

Stevens and Gates are charged with first degree scheme to defraud. Gates also faces additional charges for falsifying business records.

Two other arrest warrants have been made for 37-year-old Cynthia Smith and 31-year-old Dawn M. Rawson both of Oswego for their roles in the thefts. Both are charged with first degree scheme to defraud and falsifying business records.

Rawson is currently imprisoned in Oswego County. Police ask that anyone with information about Smith email