Police: Beer cans found in car after Utica crash

La Kbaw / Utica Police Department

A Utica man was arrested Saturday for a DWI after crashing into two cars.

Police say La Kbaw, 41, was arrested for driving while intoxicated and drinking alcohol while operating a vehicle after he allegedly crashed into the back of a vehicle that was stopped in traffic Saturday evening around 6:40 p.m.

Police say that from statements taken at the scene, it was determined that Kbaw was speeding westbound on Burrstone Road in Utica when he hit the second vehicle, causing it to spin around several times before it stopped facing the opposite direction.

According to police, after crashing into the vehicle, Kbaw continued driving and struck another vehicle causing it to spin around and face the opposite direction.

Police say that several cans of open and spilled beer were found inside Kbaw's vehicle.

Officers arrested Kbaw and charged him with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, speeding, following too close, and drinking alcohol while operating a motor vehicle on the highway.

Kbaw was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

According to police, the drivers of the other vehicles, Pamela Lopez and Xavier Richardson, do no appear to have suffered any serious injuries. They were treated at St. Luke's Memorial Hospital.

Kbaw was treated for his injuries at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.