Police Chief echoes family's plea for information in Rasheed Baker's killing

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler

After announcing the arrest of two people in connection to a separate murder on Syracuse's Northside, Police Chief Frank Fowler gave a brief update on the investigation into Rasheed Baker's death.

Baker was shot and killed in Syracuse's Valley neighborhood last week.

Chief Fowler's update - police are still investigating the information they have and they are urging others to come forward.

"A lot of times in cases like this people think people may now something they think is small and insignificant, but I'm saying to you now that nothing is too small and nothing is insignificant," the chief said.

The chief says in many cases, timely arrests are partly due to witness cooperation and help from the public.

Fowler, like Caldwell and many others, hope it will make a difference in bringing those responsible for Rasheed Baker's murder to justice.

"Whatever it is that you have, no matter how small it is, we are interested in it because like I said our detectives are very talented and we can do a lot with a little," Chief Fowler said.

Baker's mother Rasheada Caldwell spoke to CBS 5's Michael Benny in an interview that will air tomorrow evening. Caldwell shares her last moments with her son and says her family is making an offer to hopefully entice those with information surrounding his death to come forward.

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