Police discover possible human remains in car removed from Oswego River, investigation continues

Car being pulled out of Oswego River in Fulton.

Friday night, Oswego police revealed that the car found in the Oswego River within the City of Fulton is an early 1990's model red, four door Toyota Corolla. Police say the car did not have registration plates attached to it and it has not yet been positively identified at this time as to its registered owner. Police also say what has tentatively been identified as human remains were found in the vehicle.

Police reports show Carol Wood was last seen driving a four door red Toyota Corolla in 1996. She has been missing ever since from Oswego County.

The vehicle and possible human remains have been transported to the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office for further investigation.

A source told CNYcentral reporter Jim Kenyon that on Thursday the New York State Canal Corporation was mapping a stretch of the Oswego River in Fulton when their laser sonar picked up the image of a submerged car.

The Canal Corp. notified the Oswego County Sheriffâ??s Office, which sent divers out to the scene Friday morning.

The river conditions were described as â??difficultâ??, with zero visibility.

Investigators took a great deal of time extracting the car so they can preserve whatever evidence they may find inside. The vehicle was finally removed from the river late Friday afternoon.

The car appears to be rusty and has a red tarp draped over the passenger area as crews use a crane to haul it up onto the riverbank.