Police investigate string of violent robberies near SU campus

Syracuse Police are investigating a string of violent robberies on the city's east side, near Syracuse University's campus .

Police say there have been at least ten of these robberies since the beginning of July and say seven of them have involved a gun.

As Eva Rodriguez walked to class with a friend Tuesday night on Euclid Avenue, she said she's paying close attention to who's around her.

"You always have to keep your guard up, no matter what you do," said student Eva Rodriguez.

Most of the robberies included at least two males and happened between midnight and 6:00 a.m., according to police. The most recent robbery happened Sunday, September 18th on the 200 block of Harvard Place.

"A lot of times these suepcts are surprising them, jumping out in front of them, hiding in bushes, so they are stalking their victims," said Syracuse Police Sgt. Tom Connellan. Police say in one case, a girl was pistol whipped, which is why officers warn you not to fight back against the robber.

Police are also asking you to be a good witness, if you see anything suspicious, take note and call police. Also, if you are robbed, try to pay attention to what direction the suspect is going in and if there is any identifying marks on the robber like a tattoo or a scar.

Meanwhile, the University has put out information on the incidents, on its public safety website. "Now that I know when there is no one around I'm at risk, it's a good idea to call a friend or make sure you are always with someone because if you're just alone, clearly anything can happen," said student Ella Froggatt.

Investigators say the suspects descriptions in each robbery are very similar, leading police to believe it's the same two men committing all the crimes. There is not much of a description to go on, but police say the robbers in many of the cases are described as two black men, one about 6 feet tall, the other about 5'10".

Police believe some people may have been robbed and haven't reported it yet. If you were a victim, or have any information, you should call Syracuse Police at 315-442-5222. All calls will be kept confidential.