Police looking for others victimized by Mark Carrigan

Mark Carrigan

Syracuse Police believe level-three sex offender Mark C. Carrigan has victimized other young boys, and are hoping additional possible victims will now come forward.

Carrigan was arrested Tuesday for sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy. He has victimized young boys since 1988. (Read more)

"Mr. Mark Carrigan is a predator," said Syracuse Police Sergeant Tom Connellan. "He's a very dangerous person. And we're hopeful that we're going to be able to keep him incarcerated for a very long time after this."

Sgt. Connellan said Carrigan used specific strategies to lure his victims.

"He'll shower these kids with gifts kids would like - take them for fast food, give them money, and shower them with things," explained Connellan. "And then he turns around and tells them he expects something in return for it."

Sgt. Connellan said parents should be aware of who their children are with and who they are contacting, both via phone and internet.

Many neighbors are disturbed by Carrigan's past. "I think its ridiculous that he's going in and out of jail and not staying in there, maybe for a longer sentence, or them doing something else for this guy," said 8th grade teacher Josh Menio of Syracuse. "Because it's clearly not working, whatever they're doing."

Others believe Carrigan's past is indicative of a larger problem. "I have four granddaughters that I would worry about 24/7 if I knew he was nearby," said Joan Drum of Baldwinsville. "I just don't understand the justice system when they do things like that."

"Something's wrong with the system," said Patricia Schmidt of East Syracuse. "They should be in a place where they're safe, and a humane place. But obviously not a place where they can get out and deal with other people and hurt those who don't have the same kind of power."

The Syracuse Police Department said it will fully investigate any cases possibly involving other victims, hoping to keep Carrigan from harming any other children.

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