Police officers injured in attack

Two Syracuse Police officers are recovering Wednesday after allegedly being assaulted by a woman with a bottle.

Officials tell CNY Central officers Talisha LaGrange and John 'Gerry' Mulherin were responding to a call to the 200 block of McLennan Avenue involving what they say was an 'emotionally disturbed' woman, 28-year-old Faith McCarthy. According to Chief Frank Fowler, McCarthy was trying to get into her grandmother's house, but the grandmother called police to report harrassment because she felt something bad was about to happen.

Police say McCarthy struck both officers in the head with a glass bottle when they attempted to apprehend her. According to police spokesman Sgt. Tom Connellan, McCarthy first hit Mulherin on the head with the bottle, then immediately attacked LaGrange. LaGrange suffered lacerations to her forehead when the bottle broke on impact.

"They advised her (McCarthy) she was under arrest and ordered her to put her hands behind her back and attempted to handcuff her. At that time she began to assault both officers. She struck the male and then the female officer several times with the bottle. Both of our officers are injured," said Fowler Wednesday morning.

Police say it took two additional officers responding to the call for help to finally subdue McCarthy. She has been charged with third degree robbery (the origin of the incident), two counts of second degree assault, two counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest. She was later charged with criminal possession of a weapon and attempted assault at the Onondaga County Justice Center. Police say she had a knife fixed to her body and was described as "very combative" by Connellan.

The officers were transported to area hospitals for treatment. We're told LaGrange underwent minor surgery to care for her injuries.