Police rescue deer from Solvay pool

Jim Schank found an unexpected swimmer in his neighbor's pool Thursday.

A deer managed to fall into a backyard pool in Solvay. Schank called 9-1-1 and police began a bizarre 40-minute rescue.

Police said the doe was panicked when they arrived on the scene. The three officers that responded used rope to pull the struggling animal from the water. After their first rescue, the officers watched the disoriented animal run back into the pool. Sgt. Derek Osbeck said they only found success on their second attempt. The animal was so tired, she had to rest once out of the pool. About 10 minutes later, she stood up and ran away.

Pool owner Carol Egle came home to a destroyed pool-liner. Scrapes and scratches are evident in two corners of the swimming pool. Also, large tears appear to have leaked gallons of pool water.

"I do know the water is gone but I don't see any houses floating anywhere. So, I'm assuming the ground absorbed most of it," said Egle.

While Egle knows the pool suffered extensive damage, she isn't discouraged. She thinks her pool will be repaired in the coming weeks. In the meantime, what is she telling her grandchildren.

"Grandma's pool got run over by a reindeer," said Egle.

A local deer can thank three police officers for saving its life after it nearly drowned in a neighborhood pool on Thursday afternoon.

According to Solvay Police, Lieutenant Allen Wood, Sergeant Derek Osbeck, and Officer Matt Ryan responded to a home in Solvay at around 2:20 p.m. after receiving a call from a resident that a deer had fallen into the neighbor TMs pool. When the officers arrived they found that the deer was trying to pull itself out of the in-ground pool but could not, and kept falling back in. It would then swim from end to end, looking for a way out.

Police say Sgt. Osbeck was able to find some rope, which Lt. Wood looped around the female deer. Osbeck and Ryan then pulled the deer to safety, only to watch it turn around and run right back into the water.

The officers said that they could see the deer getting tired from the swimming and escape attempts, and they were afraid it was going to drown. They were able to once again pull the deer from the pool, and it was so exhausted that it collapsed poolside while Wood removed the rope.

Police say that the deer recovered for about ten minutes before getting back up and running off into the woods.

The owner of the residence, Carol Egle, was not home at the time, and was told of the incident later Thursday evening. Police say the deer caused damage to the pool's solar cover and lining, estimated in the thousands of dollars.

The photos accompanying this story were provided by the Solvay Police Department.