Police say Corning murder suspect dies after hit by train

A suspect in an upstate New York killing has died after being hit by a train while running from police in suburban Philadelphia.

New York state police say a warrant was issued Monday for 32-year-old Thomas Borden of Corning, who they believe was involved in the shooting Thursday of 31-year-old Daniel Bennett in the Finger Lakes town of Dix.

Investigators then traced Borden to Pennsylvania and began a chase that ended at about 8:00 a.m. in Jenkintown when Borden abandoned his vehicle. Searchers found him a couple of hours later and started questioning him. But troopers say Borden bolted again and jumped into the path of a SEPTA commuter train. It wasn't initially clear if his death was intentional or an accident.

Police aren't yet discussing a motive for Bennett's killing.