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      Police say truck that hit Ithaca Commons restaurant had bad brakes

      The crash scene Friday afternoon.

      Police say a tractor-trailer that crashed into an Ithaca restaurant, killing a bartender, had faulty brakes.

      The Ithaca Journal reports that police have ticketed the truck driver for having an inadequate braking system and driving an over-length vehicle.

      Authorities say the truck was hauling seven vehicles when it crashed into Simeon's in Ithaca Commons around 4 p.m. Friday. Police say 27-year-old Amanda Bush of Lansing, New York, was killed. Five other people were injured.

      Police say the truck was traveling down a hill when the driver tried to steer around a corner to avoid crews working on the street ahead. The rig plowed into the corner bistro, located on the ground floor of a historic four-story building.

      The truck is owned by Auto Star Transport of Spokane, Washington.