Police seek help locating missing child

Damion Davis

The Syracuse Police Department is asking for the public's help in tracking down a missing child.

Police say that they are unsure if four-year-old Qua'mere Rogers is even alive. The last person to see Qua'mere was his father, Damion Davis. Davis has told police that three years ago he handed Qua'mer over to someone he had just met in Brooklyn.Davis has now been arrested and charged with abandoning a child. The 39-year-old told police he was having trouble taking care of the child, and that he left Qua'mere with a man from a group called "The United Nation of Moors". Davis thinks the group may have taken Qua'mere to Georgia.Investigators have opened a missing persons investigation, and are now working with the FBI in Georgia. They are still trying to figure out whether Damion Davis, who has several aliases, is telling the truth about this son.

Qua'mere's mother was a minor when he was born. She claims that Davis was abusive, and she left him and the child about a year after the baby was born. She says she has not seen Davis or the child since.Syracuse Police are asking anyone who may have any information about the case to give them a call at 442-5222.