Police seize AK-47 rifles from Groton apartment

Jeremy Truesdale

They call themselves the "Krooked Mafia." Nearly everyone around Groton has heard of them, most of the members barely out of high school and all donning the same green bandanas. "It's a bunch of older teenage kids, in their early 20s who feel they need to make a fashion statement and have obviously chosen to utilize firepower as part of their fashion statement, which obviously in a small town like this is inappropriate conduct," said Sgt. Scott Ferris of the Groton Police.

A few months back, one member created a YouTube account and began spreading the gang's message of hate and violence around the web. Little did they know, the Groton Police were watching. "They had depictions showing them handling and carrying the guns. They had still photos of the guns. They had racial comments and innuendos in relation to white people and black people," said Ferris.

Following a three-month long investigation, Groton Police raided the apartment on 184 Main Street Saturday, confiscating two semi-automatic AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition. Police arrested 25-year-old Jeremy Truesdale and 21-year-old Allester Forest, charging each with two counts of Third-Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon. "I have been in this community for a long time, and lived in this county my whole life," Ferris said. "If the police hadn't intervened with them, eventually, the locals would have, I am almost positive of that."

Truesdale was living inside the apartment with his three children ranging in age from 14 months to 6 years old. Police say conditions inside were almost unlivable with piles of garbage and animal feces everywhere. Forest also faces Animal Cruelty charges from October after abusing his dog, named "Disciple," so badly that it had to have its leg amputated.

Both men are being held in the Tompkins County jail awaiting a hearing.