Pompey neighbors say new property assessments are unfair

As soon as Pompey neighbors started getting their new property assessments, Town Supervisor Carole Marsh started getting calls.

Some homeowners saw their assessment go up by 40% and didn't understand what the increase was based on. Pompey's assessor just completed the town's first reassessment in seven years and Marsh says that many homes have gained value or made improvements in that time.

"If it was a different area, that might go up two or three thousand a year and you wouldn't have sticker shock - and this is sticker shock," said Marsh.

Several neighbors told CNY Central they were unhappy with their assessment but were afraid to talk about it. Marsh said those people should consider talking with the town assessor and make sure all the information about their home is correct.

"There may be things he doesn't know. That might be the house is measured wrong or whatever. People need to have that exchange," said Marsh.

Marsh said some assessments in the town went up while others went down. She also noted that Pompey has worked hard to maintain lower taxes than many surrounding towns.

"We're a very conservative town. The Town of Pompey has the second lowest town/highway tax rate in Onondaga County," said Marsh.

Neighbors who aren't happy with their new assessment can make an appointment to meet with the Pompey Town Assessor or there will be public information sessions in the third week of May.