Pond Street Wegmans rally going viral

Neighbors on Syracuse's North side have been rallying to bring another grocer into the now-closed Pond Street Wegmans store.

Concerned neighbors and property owners recently posted a video about the store closing on YouTube. You can watch the video here. The video raises a main concern of many North side neighbors that the area will become a "food desert" if another grocery store does not fill the void left by Wegmans.

The North side's Danforth/Pond/Butternut Task Force is imploring Wegmans to sell the Pond Street store to another grocer. The group held a rally about this on July 2nd.

As a policy, Wegmans does not sell its stores to other supermarkets. However, the company is willing to make an exception, given the lack of other grocers on Syracuse's North side. Wegmans is currently accepting business proposals from any interested parties until July 11th.