Poolville man tries to save trout stream before winter sets in

A Madison County man is trying to convince authorities to clear debris from a protected trout stream before it causes major problems next Spring.


Sangerfield River flows through the Madison County village of Poolville. Franz Stolar says the stream behind his home is suffering from the effects of the violent line of storms that swept through this area on July 8. The storm downed hundreds of trees in and around Poolville. Many of them fell into the Sangerfield River. Though residents have cleared out some of the trees, others are clogging up the flow of water.


tolar has been trying to convince local and state officials to clear out the downed trees before things get out of hand months from now when winter weather sets in.



ome spring with the ice flows

, plus the debris, it's definitely going to flood again and probably hit most of the village." Stolar says


prediction is not far fetched.


March, 2011, an ice jam threatened to damage homes and property. The ice jam was caused by a single tree that had fallen across the river. "It's a beautiful area and to let such a resource become clogged with stuff like this to be flooded every year. It doesn't make any sense." Stolar told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon Thursday.


Town Highway Superintendent Bert Glazier says since the storm struck in early July, his crews have cleared out a thousand downed and damaged trees along highways and rights of way. He says the stream is out of his jurisdiction. Never the less, Glazier says the State Department of Environmental Conservation has assured him the state would hire a contractor to clear out the trees.

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says he's sounding the alarm now, in August in hopes of forcing action. 3 years ago, it wasn't until after an ice jam had already caused flooding that heavy equipment showed up in Poolville.