Portable ultrasound scanners allow EMS crews to start diagnosing internal injuries while transporting patients

A new ultrasound device that is roughly the same size as an iPad allows EMTs to scan patients for internal injuries while they are on the way to the hospital.

Central New York first responders got a chance to try out the new devices at Onondaga Community College on Monday as part of national EMS training week.

The scanners are already in use by Mercy Flight helicopter crews.

After training with the device, they can look inside a patient, start diagnosing and treating life threatening conditions more quickly.

"You can do a great patient assessment, looking at the lungs or the belly of a trauma patient," said Christian Knutsen from Upstate Medical University.

The technology was first used by the U.S. Military. Upstate Medical University is hoping to train local EMS crews on how to use the device so ambulances across Central New York will be able to do portable ultrasound scanning very soon.

"When you arrive the more information you have to tell the trauma surgeons and ER doctors about what is going on the better were are at taking care of the patient and getting them the care they need," said Knutsen.