Portion of Laurie Fineâ??s libel lawsuit against ESPN thrown out

Attorney Lawrence Fisher with Laurie Fine at Belhurst Castle news conference

In the wake of allegations against that former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, his wife Laurie Fine sued ESPN for libel for its coverage.

This week, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn threw out this claim ruling that ESPNâ??s reporting was fair and accurate since the information came from affidavits.

Laurie Fine claimed she was libeled by ESPN's reporting of Bobby Davis' statements in an affidavit that Laurie Fine had sex with members of the Syracuse University basketball team. ESPN said at the time that it was simply reporting on the legal action Davis took against Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim.

Laurie Fine said the TV network destroyed her reputation when it aired news stories about her husband. Fine said that she was forced into seclusion, had to sell her house, and has been the target of widespread ridicule as a result of the ESPN reports.

ESPN argued that if it accurately reported court proceedings, it can't be held responsible if the allegations made in court ultimately are proven false.

There are five other libelous statements outlined in the Laurie Fine lawsuit.

Two former ball boys, Bobby Davis and Mike Lang have accused Bernie Fine of molesting them decades ago. Fine has denied the allegations and after a year-long investigation, the U.S. Attorneyâ??s Office in Syracuse ruled that Bernie Fine will not be charged.