Post Office facing budget gap

Saturday mail delivery is a service Postmaster General John Potter says the U.S. Postal Service can no longer afford. Mail volume is down and he says the post office must raise rates, end Saturday delivery and close under-performing offices.

The Elmwood office in Syracuse and a North Syracuse post office were already recommended to close - but neighbors like Pauline Finch who can walk to Elmwood say closing the branch wouldn't help the Postal Service's bottom line.

"In the Elmwood post office there's only one employee and Main Street in Mattydale there's only one employee, said Finch So where are they wasting money?"

Mattie Stafford said she uses the Elmwood post office once a week or so and she always sees people buying money orders, stamps and boxes. She was skeptical that it was truly under-performing.

"It seems like it's always busy - why that one? Why not one of the ones on the side streets?" said Stafford.

The Postmaster General suggested that some pharmacies and grocery stores could take over some basic post office functions. Pauline Finch doubted that would be less expensive than keeping Elmwood open.

"The Elmwood Station has been rented until 2015, whether they close it or not they have to pay the rent which is eleven hundred dollars a month, said Finch

It TMs likely some changes are coming since the postmaster general said the post office could face a $238 billion loss over the next ten years if drastic action isn't taken.