Post on 'Prayers for Jenna' Facebook page thanks community for prayer and support

Brandon and Jenna Hinman

As the community who came to know Jenna Hinman over the past two months mourns her loss, the "Prayers for Jenna" Facebook page posted the following powerful message Tuesday morning, thanking you for the prayers and support:

":Jenna did NOT lose her battle with cancer. She beat the cancer in a way almost no one ever does.

The type of cancer she had almost always claims the life of the child, not the parent. Jenna sacrificed herself to save her two children. She defeated the cancer before it ever hurt the two most beloved people to her in the world.

She fulfilled her role as a mother in a way almost no one else could... have. Her body took the blow and saved her children.

Just as her husband has chosen to readily lay down his life and protect the ones he loves, Jenna has as well. In the most powerful way possible.

Jenna has made the ultimate sacrifice. And in doing so her children are blessed, not just with the love of God, but by the true undying and absolute love of their wonderful mother who died to protect them.

It might be hard to keep faith now, but God will reward the truly selfless Hinman family. Jenna is with the man upstairs right now, freed from her ailing body, her ultimate job as a mother is done. She can now sit back and watch her husband raise her two children that she died to save.

She didn't just beat the cancer. She destroyed it and never let it touch her two precious children.

To the devoted Prayers for Jenna follower who sent this to us in a message: Thank you. What you've written is a gift to all who know Jenna and those who have fallen in love with her these past two months."