Post-Standard publishes Syracuse University's 2005 report on Bernie Fine investigation

The Syracuse Post-Standard has obtained and published a copy of the internal Syracuse University report from 2005 about the sex abuse allegations against then-assistant men's basketball coach Bernie Fine.

The report states SU interviewed accuser Bobby Davis, Bernie Fine, Laurie Fine and four others - including Fineâ??s fellow assistant coach Mike Hopkins.

According to the report, the Fines denied Davis' allegations. Hopkins said he never witnessed or even heard of any inappropriate activity by Bernie Fine.

The report also includes a cryptic reference to a phone message Bernie Fine says Davis left for him in October 2004. The report says "Fine played the message in which Davis indicates he is calling to apologize... indicates what he did was wrong... and says that he is sorry."

There is no indication in the report that either SU or its law firm followed up to see why Davis made that phone call or what he was apologizing for.

The Post-Standard says the taped message has apparently been lost.

SU's report says head coach Jim Boeheim was contacted during the university's 2005 investigation but wasn't formally interviewed.

The report itself is now under review by a New York City law firm.

Bernie Fine was fired from SU last year, and has denied all of the allegations against him.