Postal workers firmly stamp their opposition to Saturday closings

USPS employees don't want their mail stopped on Saturday's.


ore than one hundred current and former postal workers came out today in Syracuse to make their voices heard. They were looking to stop deliveries from being eliminated on Saturdays. The last thing that these employees want is for their week to be cut down from six days to five. If these cuts go through this August, more than 80-thousand people could be out of work.

Bruce Bailey is a retired letter carrier and he understands how important losing Saturday will be. "W

e don't want to lose six day delivery -- it's important to people who have jobs here, we don't want more people unemployed

," says Bailey.

Jim Lustumbo is the President of the Syracuse Branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers. "

We need postal reform


for the long term and right now we don't have that

," says Lustumbo. "This is affecting a lot of people in a negative way. At the end of the day, shrinking the service of Saturday delivery will dismantle the Post Service. They'll lose more revenue than they will in any cost savings."

Ed Roy is a Letter Carrier in Fulton and he was out defending the seniors that he serves on a daily basis. "They'll all be hurt by the elimination of Saturday delivery. They rely on prescriptions, other things being delivered in the mail. Financial correspondents, checks, it's very important that we get the mail out six days a week."

Tom Dlugolenski is also a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers. He knows one way which could help their situation. "The solution is legislative action. We need Congress to come in and end the prefunding. We prefund our retirement benefits. If we can end the prefunding requirements you can see that the postal service has made a profit over the last (several) years," says Dlugolenski.