Potential watchdogs race for Syracuse Auditor

The race for Syracuse City Auditor, has some bite.

Both Republican and Democratic campaigns feature watchdogs. Democrat Marty Masterpole claims he's a bulldog, and will protect your dollars. But Republican Steve Kimatian calls his opponent a lap dog, and paints himself as a German Shepherd who will guard your money.

"My opponent does not have the ability to make an independent decision. He is tied to the apron strings of the mayor," said Steve Kimatian. "That's why the voters should look at who is going to look after their interests best, the watchdog or the lapdog?"

"It's unfortunate that my opponent has chosen to go negative, I'm not, I'm sticking to the issues of Syracuse City Auditor," said Marty Masterpole.

Among the issues, making sure city agencies are spending wisely. Masterpole, a former common councilor, says his experience in city and county government gives him the edge. He wants to reign in overtime costs and start sharing more services. "There are some measures of consolidation that I think can take place between city and county governments. Knowing the city budget, understanding the county budget as well, I think that qualifies me to do the job," he said.

"The city is under a very difficult financial situation, it has limited resources, and the city needs help and that's why I'm running," said Kimatian. The Republican, who lost the last race for mayor, touts his 25 years of business, accounting and legal work. If elected, he wants to create a public advocate position, that would answer directly to you.

The City Auditor is the biggest race on the ballot this year in Syracuse. Voters will decide at the polls on Tuesday, November 8th.

Both candidates will be in our NBC 3 studio Saturday morning at 9:30 to talk about the key issues in the race. CNY Central's Matt Mulcahy will moderate the discussion, which will follow Weekend Today in Central New York.

Are you planning to vote on election day?