Power outage aftermath: What went wrong?

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---It's been a rough 24 hours for people who didn't' have power after what National Grid calls a catastrophic failure after a fire.

The power company called it complex situation.

"When you think about a spider web of wires, that's what you're dealing with," Melanie Littlejohn with National Grid.

"I was on the phone with National Grid virtually every two hours throughout the night, so we were aware of that, and they were gradually putting buildings back onto the system," said Mayor Stephanie Minor.

They Mayor says a majority of the city had power restored last night -but there were scattered pockets that still needed to be worked on because of damage caused by the initial problem.

We were at the dark Madison Towers at 11 last night, and National Grid was not there yet.

A company spokesperson says there resources were stretched thin last night- as they responded to the outages, but a national grid worker eventually arrived there.

"He came down very late, stayed here with the security guard provided information. We've have different points throughout the city that we've had to do the same thing," said Littlejohn.

"Going forward, the Mayor says they will determine exactly how many units are in each apartment complex-so they know immediately what kind of response is needed.

"We're gonna have maps at the ready. So we won't have to do overlays. So we know exactly where these buildings are, how many units are in them," said Mayor Miner.

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