Powerball lottery selling tons of tickets for huge jackpot

The Powerball lottery is currently at $253 million, as of Friday night.

Getting rich overnight doesnâ??t happen for most, but one lucky Powerball winner might be the exception. The Powerball jackpot is $253 million as of Friday night.

Those with tickets will have to wait in suspense until the drawing is announced on Saturday night.

Rockyâ??s News on North Salina Street in Syracuse said it has sold nearly 200 Powerball tickets on Friday alone. A store clerk said he sees more business as the jackpot climbs higher.

One man who bought a Powerball ticket tonight had a simple reason for wishing his ticket is the winner. â??Iâ??m hoping it is because Iâ??m really tired of working,â?? said customer Dan Grace.

Quitting work might be a real possibility for one lucky winner after the drawing tomorrow night.