Powerful storm knocks tree onto Reeves Road home in Elbridge

Tuesday night, Richard and Deborah Reeves walked around their home looking at the incredible damage left behind by a powerful storm. Violent winds uprooted a 70 foot tree in the front yard, tossing it onto their home.

"The wind just kicked up. It was going every which way," said Richard Reeves. "Then we heard the crack." Reeves said that's when they realized the tree was coming down on the house.

As the storm passed, the clean up process began along Reeves Road in the Town of Elbridge. Remnants of the storm like tree limbs and leaves were scattered across the road and lawns. Nearby on Hollis Path, a downed tree blocked traffic from crossing the street.

"It was intense," said Deborah Reeves. "Everything started flying and I was looking at the chicken coop thinking I hope the chickens are okay!"

The Reeves don't know how much damage was done, or how much it will cost to fix it. They say they are just happy no one was hurt.