Prank text message about dead body leads to arrest of Phoenix teen

Joshua Morse

A Phoenix teen was arrested after police say he â??caused alarm and inconvenienceâ?? when he sent a prank text message about hiding a body to a friend.

According to the Oswego County Sheriffâ??s Office, on November 29th 18-year-old Joshua Morse of Hilltop Drive in Phoenix received a new cell phone, and decided to send a prank text message to a friend.

The message said simply "I hid the body... I'm so scared."

Unfortunately for Morse, his friend did not recognize the new phone number and called police, concerned that the text was legitimate. Oswego Police handed the case over to the sheriffâ??s office, says Undersheriff Gene Sullivan.

Morse was arrested on Thursday and charged with misdemeanor third degree falsely reporting an incident. Deputies base the arrest on the assertion that Morse knew the â??information was false and baseless, causing alarm and inconvenience.â?? They say he read about the prank on the social media site Pinterest.

Sullivan said it took a while to track down Morse, because his name is not on the registration of the new phone number.

Morse was released on an appearance ticket, and is due back in Town of Schroeppel court on December 12.