Prayer service remembers Baldwinsville woman killed in crash

Dozens gathered for a prayer service on Monday night at the Church of the Holy Family in Fairmount.

The service was in honor of Audrey Gleason, killed in a car crash near Buffalo on Sunday night. Those at the service also prayed for Audrey's 16-year-old daughter, Kelly, listed in critical condition at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, as of Monday night.

Audrey was an active member of the Church of the Holy Family and was instrumental in building its high school youth program.

For many at the service, Audrey holds a special place in their hearts.

"She was a very joyful person," said Dr. Robert Fangio, who worked with Audrey on the youth program. "We could always count on her to do a hilarious skit, to dress up in a costume, to be foolish for, you know, whatever we needed. She was great."

"She was always willing to... making you feel special," said Alyssa Leonhardt, who had participated in the church's youth program. "She'd ask you how you were doing, joke with you. She'd have a turkey call that she'd always do."

Spiritual leaders are now challenged to help the church community get through this difficult time.

"You cry with them when they cry, and you smile when they smile," said Deacon Nick Alvaro. "And this is one of those times when you cry. But at the same time, we have our faith and our trust."

Those at the prayer service were also praying for Audrey's daughter, Kelly, who was seriously injured in the crash. Those who had updates on her condition said she was expected to go into her second surgery at the time the prayer service began.

Kelly's father, Jack, is also receiving treatment at Erie County Medical Center, and was listed in stable condition as of Monday night.