Preparations underway for 2013 New York State Fair

It's crunch time at the state fairgrounds.with less than two days left until the New York State Fair comes to life.

George Weston is the general manager of Strates Shows, who's been bringing rides to the fair for 35 years.

"There's literally thousands of people at work right now, getting ready in the barns, all throughout the fairgrounds, getting ready just for them to come and spend an enjoyable day," says Weston.

Jill Gonzalez, a trainer with the annual sea lion show, has been getting her female sea lions prepared for a busy 12 days.

"The girls know this fair. They've been doing it for a long time and I'm excited because I know people come back and they want to see the same girls and they get to and it's exciting for us too," says Gonzalez.

For these hard working men and women, fairs are a full time job, but many say the New York State Fair holds a special place in their heart.

"The New York State Fair in my book is probably one of the top fairs on the planet earth," says Weston.

There may be some added pressure about a potential VIP guest, but vendors like Alessandro Ippoliti say President Obama will not get any special treatment.

"No. He'll pay for it like everybody else. I got rent to do," says Ippoliti.

Right now, their eyes are on the prize. For some, that means hard labor. For others, it's a labor of love.