President Obama carries Onondaga County and Dan Maffei: Matt's Memo

Bob Greene, Streater Kelley and Ken Chapman watch Election Day returns late into the night in the CNYcentral newsroom.

President Barack Obama's landslide victory in Onondaga County and his volunteer get out the vote operation were the keys to victory for Central New York democrat and former congressman Dan Maffei. In a race that was decided by just 648 votes in the 2010 year of the Tea Party the day after the election shows a lead of 12,604 votes for Maffei.

More than $6 million was spent on advertising in a record breaking flurry of negativity. The negative tone of the campaign seemed to push voters into two camps. They were either against Buerkle or against Maffei. Few voters seemed to be passionately for one or the other. Pre-election polling predicted a dead heat. Those polls did not take into account the strength of the Obama campaign in an area that has gone more democratic over the last twenty years.

In Onondaga County here was the breakdown of votes in the 24th congressional race: Maffei 96,440 votes or 52%, Buerkle 73,546 or 40%, Rozum 15,295 or 8%. In Onondaga County President Obama had 112,664 votes or 59% and Mitt Romney had 72,807 or 39%. Totaling the Maffei and Rozum votes nearly matches the total of the president.

Those Syracuse area numbers were enough to overcome andy potential deficit in the outlying counties, including Wayne County, where the republican incumbent was favored.

Obama's campaign volunteers worked highly organized phone banks in the final days of the campaign to ensure democratic success.

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