PRIDE program challenges brains and brawn of local youth

Teams work together in pole-carrying exercise

Teamwork and perseverance were the name of the game at Austin Park in Skaneateles Tuesday.

Children, ages 11-14 came together for the â??PRIDEâ?? program, which tests physical and mental toughness while teaching teamwork and camaraderie. The team was given tasks life carrying a large tire from one point to another. The goal was to coordinate the strengths and weaknesses of the team to accomplish the tasks set before them.

Each of the five days of the program are broken into segments that provide a challenging physical training exercise, like balancing and moving a long, heavy pole, and a discussion of the lessons learned during the exercise.

The program runs from July 15-19, with the final day spent testing the kidsâ?? newfound skills on the Orenda Springs Ropes Course in Marcellus.