Private booting company is bringing in money for city of Syracuse

Paylock field agent boots car for having three unpaid parking tickets more than 90 days old.

Alexander Bumbolo is one of two field agents for the private company Paylock, which has been booting cars in the city of Syracuse with at least three unpaid parking tickets, more than 90 days old, for the past four months.

"Two scanners on top read the license plates to the right and left of the street and it will relay it to the system and tell it whether the car is bootable or not," says Bumbolo.

Since June 20 2013, Paylock has booted 1,259 cars according to account manger, Gil Almogi.

"It's an average of one an hour. Different days see different numbers, but we've been averaging about 12 a day," says Almogi.

The field agents drive around in a car with a scanner on the top. It beeps if the car is in the clear and a siren goes off if it's on the boot list. After the siren goes off, the agent puts the vehicle information into the computer to make sure it's still bootable. For instance, the siren would still go off even if they had paid their tickets today.

If the driver is in the car, you get away with a warning. Otherwise, you get the boot.

Paylock has been providing boots for the city since 2008, but police officers used to be in charge of enforcement. Since Paylock took over in June, the amount of fines the city collects has more than doubled.

"Excluding our fees, the city saw a 168% gross revenue increase since last year," says Almogi.

If you have unpaid parking tickets it's time to pay up

or be prepared to get the boot.