Probation officers fired and demoted over David Renz case

David Renz

Federal authorities have fired and demoted U.S. probation officers in the monitoring of a man charged with killing Liverpool librarian Lori Bresnahan raping a 10-year-old girl during a carjacking at Great Northern Mall in Clay.

The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports the changes made at the federal probation office in Syracuse were detailed in a letter Monday from U.S. courts administrators to U.S. Dan Maffei.

The probation officers came under fire in March after authorities said David Renz quickly removed and reassembled an electronic bracelet so monitors didn't immediately realize he'd taken it off. Authorities say Renz then strangled and stabbed Bresnahan in her car and raped the girl during an attack near the Great Northern Mall in the town of Clay.

But an investigation revealed that federal probation officers allegedly ignored 46 warnings that Renz had been tampering with he device in the weeks prior to the crime.

In a conference call with reporters, Maffei said, "This case still makes me sick...the idea that somebody could escape from federal custody and do these horrible crimes."

Renz has pleaded not guilty. He had been required to wear the monitor while awaiting trial on child pornography charges.

Maffei is among a number of government officials calling for a full investigation into the federal probation office in Syracuse.

He is also calling for an end to the federal sequester which he says will interfere with future changes to electronic monitoring system.

"Basically they're saying okay, we've done some key things. We fired people who needed to be fired but we don't quite have the money to really investigate this. My reading from that is the sequester is keeping this administrative office that is in charge of federal probation from making sure this can't happen again."

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)