'Project Healing Waters' helping vets and active military cope with PTSD

Brandon fly fishing with "Project Healing Waters"

Daniel Morgan, a fly fishing guide with Project Healing Waters, has seen firsthand the positive impact fly fishing can have on veterans suffering from PTSD and other war related disabilities.

"You really see the changes take place in the individual from the first time you take them out onto the river to the third, fourth and fifth time they come out on the rivers. You see people come out of their shells," he says.

Project Healing Waters was started ten years ago by a veteran at Walter Reed Medical Hospital. Since then, the program has expanded and now has 175 chapters in 49 states and two countries.

Morgan says Project Healing Waters uses the power of nature and fly fishing to help veterans heal.

"The healing really comes into play through not only getting outside and experiencing nature but it also comes through being welcomed into a new community," he says.

All active duty military and veterans with a disability rating are eligible for the free program.

Morgan says fly fishing requires focus and situational awareness skills that come naturally to many veterans.

"In order to be a good fly fisher one has to understand the environment and to be able to see what's happening around them. That is what veterans are trained to do," he says.

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