Proliteracy turns new page in its own story

The oldest literacy organization in the country now has a new home right in the heart of the Syracuse's Near West Side. Proliteracy, which operates across the United States and in 34 countries, is setting up its worldwide headquarters in a 100-year- old warehouse and former factory, that before its renovation, sat empty for years.

Proliteracy President and CEO David Harvey says the near west side is the perfect location for the company's new headquarters.

"For us, this was the perfect win-win situation, moving to a neighborhood where we could make a difference, both by the educational programs that we do, but also by the economic impact that we bring just by being here," Harvey says.

The renovation of the Proliteracy's new headquarters cost more than $2 million dollars and was paid for by the Near Westside Initiative, a group dedicated to rebuilding the cities Near West Side.

Alvenas Bell not only works for Proliteracy, she also lives on the Near West Side. Bell says the company will give her neighborhood a big boost.

"We're in a neighborhood where we could do the most good. The Near West Side has some great things going on. It's really great to be a part of it," she says.

WCNY, the public television station, also has plans to move its headquarters into the same building.