Proposed limit on the amount of pets per household in the City of Oneida

City of Oneida is considering a four pet household limit.

Do you think there should be limits on the number of pets a person can own?

Lawmakers in the City of Oneida are proposing no more than four dogs and cats per household, and plan to vote on the measure following a public hearing next week.

Violators would be fined up to $100 for the first offense. A third offense could land the person in jail.

The city's police chief, David Meeker, says the ordinance would help address complaints with noise, animal odor and waste.

"You have neighbors so close together that if someone has a large number of animals it can affect the quality of the neighborhood. We get a lot of complaints about the odor or a noise complaint," says Meeker.

Meeker also says people with more than four now don't have to worry about giving their pets away.

"People who have more than four now will be grandfathered in. All they'll have to do is prove they had more those animals prior to this being adopted," says Meeker.

The proposed ordinance will only enforced in the inside district where apartments and homes are closer together.

Brenda Karns is a self professed animal lover who's been fostering dogs in Oneida for years.

"To tell someone if you have two cats you can only have two dogs, I have a problem with that," says Karns.

Kimberly Strong cares for seven dogs in her Utica home. She won't be affected but is still alarmed to see what she calls a shortsighted law on the books.

"Whatever this law is trying to accomplish, it doesn't. And all it's going to do is force non-compliance from people who are typically compliant. And it's a band aid attempt at a bad law," says Strong.

Strong and Karns plan to stand up against the ordinance at a public hearing on Tuesday March 4 at 6:30. Following the public hearing, the city council will vote on the ordinance.