Prosecutor drops arson case against Christopher Deverso

Deverso 2012 arraignment

The charges against a Liverpool man accused of setting fire to an apartment complex so he could collect insurance money have been dropped.

Christopher Deverso was

accused of setting fire

to the garage of Norstar Apartments in Clay in July of 2012. The fire caused nearly half a million dollars in damages to the 40-bay garage at the apartment complex, where Deverso was keeping his two classic Chevy Camaros.

The trial was supposed to begin on Monday, but prosecutors said their star witness was recorded in jail saying he was going to lie on the witness stand.

Judge Joseph Fahey

dismissed Deverso's guilty plea

to a lesser charge of third degree attempted arson in October. That charge would have meant six months in jail with five months probation. He would have also had to pay back payments of up to $10,000 and withdraw all insurance claims.