Protecting Our Children special brings together television and radio in a rare cooperative event

Airs on CNYCentral Wednesday, April 25th 7-8pm

Airs on CNYCentral Wednesday, April 25th 7-8pm

The Central New York broadcasting community will come together April 25th to bring awareness to the sexual, verbal and physical abuse of children.

In response to recent national and local news headlines, Syracuse television stations are putting competition aside in an unprecedented collaborative one-hour special on this important community issue.

Volunteers from the Onondaga County Child Abuse Response Team will be manning a phone bank from 6-9am and 5-9pm to answer questions about everything from the warning signs to how to report suspected child abuse.

Phone bank line: 1-877-880-5211

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about planning the cooperative broadcast.

Watch a preview of the special here.

"Protecting Our Children" will take an in-depth look at this disturbing subject. Reporters from the participating stations will talk to survivors, explore the challenges facing child abuse investigators, show the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center through a child's eyes and investigate the New York State statute of limitations policy.

CNYCentral's Matt Mulcahy anchor on NBC3 and CW 6 has interviewed two adults who held their secret of being abused as children for decades. Their compelling stories reveal the toll abuse can take over a lifetime. The victims shed light on how families and the community can be vigilant to prevent future problems.

CNYCentral's Michael Benny anchor on CBS 5 went to Albany to talk with the people who take the phone calls at the Child Abuse hotline. They take 307,000 calls a year. The call takers themselves suffer from the toll of hearing case after case of child abuse.

This coming Thursday the reporters and producers of the broadcast will join with McMahon Ryan child abuse specialists to talk further about the program and what's being done in our community to address child abuse.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Studies show that only 10% of child sex abuse cases are ever reported and 90% of victims know their abusers.

Protecting Our Children will air:

Wednesday, April 25th 6-7pm: WCNY

Wednesday, April 25th 7-8pm: WTVH, WSTM, WSTQ, WSYR, YNN,,,

Wednesday, April 25th 11pm-Midnight: WNYS

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