Protecting your pipes from freezing in cold weather

With sub zero temperatures on the way, Joel Reissig of Perrone's Plumbing says now is a good time to make sure your pipes are protected from the cold.

Reissig says be sure the area around your pipes is insulated and protect any exposed pipes that are not covered up with a Styrofoam sleeve. "When we see a pipe freeze up it is usually related to a little tiny crack in the wall where maybe a cable line comes through. So any little bit of heat you can get into the space by sealing up those cracks is going to make a huge difference for you," he says.

Reissig says letting both your hot and cold faucets drip overnight can also help prevent the pressure build up caused by a frozen pipe. "When you get a frozen pipe that bursts it usually doesn't burst where it freezes, it bursts down the line," he says.

Finally, open cabinet doors to let heat get to non-insulated pipes under sinks on exterior walls and insulate pipes in the crawl space or attic. If you are going to be away from the house for an extended period of time, Perrone says be sure to keep your house heated to at least 55 degrees.