Protesters call for the end of NSA surveillance of Americans

Protesters gather in front of the Federal Building in Syracuse.

Chants of â??What do we want? Privacy! When do we want it? NOW!â?? could be heard echoing through Downtown Syracuse today, as members of â??Restore the Fourthâ?? gathered in front of the James Hanley Federal Building, calling on the NSA to stop surveillance of Americans.

The group highlighted Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, two men who are in trouble for leaking U.S. secrets.

Snowden escaped to Russia after originally breaking the story of the extent of the NSA surveillance program.

Former Fort Drum soldier Bradley Manning is awaiting the judgesâ?? decision in his information leaking trial. If convicted, Manning could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The group is calling for these men to be released and for the government to cease all domestic surveillance.